Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are investigations often carried out for Environmental Due Diligence. ESAs evaluate the environmental conditions (and related financial liability) of a property before purchase or refinance. ESAs are also completed as part of a corporate environmental policy, in response to regulatory orders, to establish baseline environmental conditions or as a precursor to site remediation or redevelopment.

  • Phase One ESA - the first step in the process of environmental due diligence. Includes a review of historical site information and a site visit to view current site conditions to identify and evaluate potential sources of contamination that could impact a property, whether from on-site or off-site sources.
  • Phase Two ESA - conducted if a site has areas of potential environmental concern that could be potentially contaminated as a result of a Phase One ESA or other sources of information. Phase Two ESAs involve an intrusive investigation (soil and/or groundwater sampling) to identify and characterize actual environmental impacts to a site.
  • ESAs conducted by G2S are compliant with CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MECP) regulations.
  • G2S can prepare and file Records of Site Condition (RSCs) to facilitate land use changes, zoning changes, building permits (where required) or client environmental policy.
  • G2Ss’ Environmental Site Assessments are cost-effective and sensitive to time constraints.