G2S operates a CCIL certified lab for soil, concrete and aggregates and employs qualified staff certified by CSA and trained in the radiation safety, transportation of dangerous goods and Portable Moisture/Density Gauge User Regulations. The following is a list of materials testing and inspection services:

Excavation & Shoring - slope stability, slope protection, tiebacks, sheet piling

Shallow & Deep Foundations – footing subsoil, piling and caissons

Earthwork, Compacted Backfill & Granular Base –subgrade inspection, materials acceptance testing, on-site inspection, compaction control, asphaltic concrete pavement, placement inspection, laboratory testing of aggregates and soil

Cast-in-place, Pre-cast & Pre-stressed Concrete – materials acceptance testing, on-site inspection, air void determination, slump testing, compressive strength

Reinforcing Steel - inspection during fabrication & placement

Masonry - materials acceptance testing, placement inspection, mortar and grout testing